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Scorpion Root Cutter


We understand some other manufacturers are trying to sell machines they call "rootcutters"... That is where the similarity ends! They simply don't work the same way as a Scorpion. Which is to say, they don't really work properly at all... 
Sure, if you don't mind dragging a row rather than cutting it, or you never need any sort of effective row adjustment, or you want to potter along at a maximum of 10km an hour, then these machines may work for you but we're confident that's unlikely! 

Trojan Mulcher



We painted out machines orange so they would stand out. We have been heartened recently to hear of a number of large cotton enterprises insisting their mulching is done with an 'orange machine'. It means there should be no confusion as to which the best mulcher available in Australia is! 
Of course, there a number of imported mulchers that claim to be made for the cotton industry. That may well be true, but if these machines are all they came up with, they either didn't do their homework or they thought Australian farmers weren't worth worrying too much about... 

The Trojan is built to order, in Australia, to suit Australian conditions and no other mulcher can honestly claim that this is the case (though a salesman may try!) 
Our Trojan mulcher does a much better mulching job at a higher speed than any of those imports anyway so don't you want the best machine? 

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