The TTQ Difference

Lindon Smith is TTQ's founder and current owner. Presently, TTQ's bustling base of operation is tirelessly manufacturing and supplying Australian farmers with our versatile range of innovative equipment and machinery. This highly-active state of business continually comes as a surprise to Lindon, whose origins in business came from offering self-solutioned ideas to close contacts in the mid-90's.

At this time, Lindon had begun operating as an unaffiliated, self-taught contract farming engineer and welder, in the still-young industry of Cotton Mulching and Root Cutting; his ideal employment setting to creatively explore the many trials experienced by Australian farmers. 

His progressive tinkering led to the establishment of TTQ's uniquely designed range of machinery such as TTQ's Scorpion Root Cutter, currently modelled in its third series. 

Australia has developed a network of dominating machine and equipment developers within it's industrial sector, many evolving to compete on a global scale and while TTQ is quickly expanding to undertake opportunities in a similar direction, our priority continually stands with our sun-soaked locals whose needs and design inputs are creating positive changes in efficiency, resource consumption, use of materials and durability of TTQ's custom-built machines. 

TTQ's determined production crew and helpful administrative staff members can guarantee that our trustworthy machines and equipment are made to the highest quality and our standard of service means TTQ will never let any order or request be of any lesser standard than the best possible. 

You can still find Lindon in the office at TTQ's active base along Industrial Avenue, Toowoomba, however it is clear that his thoughts are on redder soils than office tiles, looking for the next problem to solve or a new design flaw to conquer; so for whatever your agricultural needs are, TTQ encourages you to explore our wide range of products, machines and included services.

For any enquires, contact our office on (07) 4634 0800, or request a quote today ( )