General Agriculture

Stabalizer Discs

  • 30"x 9mm Discs
  • 6 Stud Bedford Hub and Stubs
  • Rigid Ratchet Adjustment 
  • Hydraulic and Spring Jump

Steerable Coulter

  • Adapter which allows you to fit it to other existing stabilizer discs
  • Complete system available for purchase
  • Able to lock up as a standard stabilizer

TTQ Fertiliser Bins

TTQ fertiliser bins are either ground or hydraulic drive. They have bolt on heavy duty walkways, safety rails and fold away steps.


TTQ parallelograms are built with multi fit and multi attachments in mind.

  • Manufactured with either hydraulic or spring adjustable pressure.
  • Sealed, greasable spherical bearings, which are inexpensive and simple to replace.
  • Easy fit 2 bolt lock up position.
  • Adjustable gauge wheel mount
  • Suitable for Root Cutter Units, Planting Assemblies (either tyne or disc)

Double Disc Opener

  • HT Stud Pattern 2 x Cup and Cone Inner Bearings 
  • Triple Lip Marine Seal 
  • Adjustable Disc Lap 
  • Trash Guard 
  • Tungsten Tiled Scrapers
  • Adjustable Seed Tube 
  • 6mm 18" Boron Steel Disc's 
  • Fitted to either 3 x 1 and 2 x 1 Spring Steel Shanks with Adjuster Holes