Raptor Ripper Flyer


Raptor and MTS Rippers


TTQ Rippers are built as MTS meaning 'heavy duty' or as a Raptor which is a 'super heavy duty' build!

If that's not heavy enough, enquire about our custom built Super Raptor Ripper! 

These rippers are suitable for a number of different purposes in a wide variety of different types of country.

Customers are using them for a large number of different jobs such as:

  • Deep ripping new country
  • Renovating compacted country,
  • Repairing previously blade ploughed country
  • Preparing cotton paddocks
  • Working before buckets in melon hole country;and
  • Sowing grass into pastures


Key Features                            MTS                Raptor            


RHS                                            7X7                 8X12               

Underframe clearance           780mm            900mm

Breakout force (measured at the tip)                                            

Shear Pin                               4.5 tonne          9 tonne 

Hydraulic                                1.8 tonne         3.6 tonne 


Other Features

  • The hydraulic drawbar allows you to ‘lift’ the rig to dump trash if required.
  • The shanks are cut from 32mm 450 grade hardox so are built to last.
  • They can also take a wide variety of attachments such as ‘delta wings’ to increase the ripping width.
  • They are ‘semi-parabolic’ meaning they will not turn the soil over and after ripping you will be able to get back onto the country very quickly.

  • All the frames are made with a 12.5mm wall. Suitable for the biggest tractor or a bulldozer. The spreaders are made out of chassis material to make them incredibly strong but much lighter.

The whole frame is bolted together to allow you to set it up in different configurations for different jobs if required.

If you are interested in seeing one up close, get in touch and we can let you know where the nearest one to you is.


deep ripping

less blockage

Heavy duty ripper in action

Posted by TTQ on Monday, February 15, 2016

The new Raptor Ripper in action. TTQ, Lindon Smith

Posted by Tillage Traders Queensland on Thursday, February 25, 2016