Row Crop Equipment

TTQ manufactures row crop toolbars with either bolt together or welded frames.

Our equipment includes:

  • Centre Busters
  • Side Busters
  • Cultipackers
  • Bed Rollers 
  • Combo Rigs
  • Shank Assemblies & Accessories
  • Gas & Fertiliser Attachments
  • Mulch Blades, standard & heavy duty

TTQs bolt together frame is a unique configuration, using the rear furrower clamp as the backing plate for the shank assembly and the spreader, giving you full use of the area over the hill or bed.


Specifically designed to break down large clods and smooth out beds ready for planting. Loose rings with rolling action conforms to bed profile, providing you with a fast and effective way to get the most out of your row crop systems. 

TTQ Multi Shank

  • Made from 32 mm Bisalloy steel
  • 4.5 Tonne Breakout on shear pin
  • Hugely versatile unique shank base, built to fit a multitude of points and sweeps
  • 2 bolt hole centers to suit 50 degree rev chisels orion ripper points minimum no till seed point adapters