The Scorpion Root Cutter

The Ultimate Root Cutter

The TTQ Scorpion Root Cutter design is award winning for a reason. It's the simplest yet most efficient and effective root cutter ever built.

The Scorpion easily outperforms competitors by lessening overall operation time and maximising the acreage covered in a day. 
It has a standard operating speed of around 16 - 19 km per hour and can operate at up to 22 km an hour! 
It is the machine of choice for over 95% of Australian cotton growers. 

We understand that some manufacturers are trying to sell machines they call "rootcutters". That is where the similarity ends!
They simply don't work the same way as a Scorpion. Which is to say, they don't really work properly at all... 
Sure, if you don't mind dragging a row rather than cutting it, or you never need any sort of effective row adjustment, or you want to potter along at a maximum of 10km an hour, then these machines may work for you! 
But it is unlikely...


  • Uniquely patented hydraulic breakaway system
  • Suits most crop configurations including solid, single and double skip
  • High speed, reliable operation
  • Forward/Backward staggered row units assist even trash flow
  • Deeper cut to eliminate re-growth
  • Decreases blockages and disc flips by 90%
  • Breakaway pressure hydraulic accumulator controlled
  • Made to suit mulchers and toolbars of various dimensions
  • Available in 4, 6, 8 & 12 Row and also as individual units 

Operators Manual