Trojan Mulchers

The Trojan Mulcher is fitted with a specially designed flail pattern to suit row crop, which increases mulching efficiency, provides higher quality mulching over rows on a variety of configurations, cotton, sorghum etc. resulting in longer flail life.

The bisalloy wear skins are all replaceable and the Trojan's extra heavy duty bearings are designed with trouble free replacement in mind.

Importantly, the gearbox is mounted in a significantly lower position than other mulchers to increase lifting height while the machine is running, allowing easier operation of the machine whilst in the paddock. 

We originally painted our machines orange, so they would stand out. We have been happy to hear that several large cotton enterprises are insisting their mulching is done with an 'orange machine'. This means there should be no confusion when deciding between machines. TTQ’s ‘orange’ Trojan is the best mulcher on the market to date.

Unfortunately, of late some other machines have appeared that are predominately orange! 
Of course, a number of these imported mulchers claim to be made for the cotton industry. That may be what they intended... more likely, they overlooked Australian farmers as large corporations do only with production line in mind.

The Trojan is built to order, in Australia, to suit Australian conditions and no other mulcher can honestly claim that is the case (though a salesman may try...!) 
The Trojan simply does a better mulching job and at a higher speed than any import.

Sometimes "seeing is believing" so if you want us to prove what we say, get in touch and we will be happy to arrange for you to see either one of the many Trojan's out there working or try to set up a demo of a Trojan against any other mulcher on the market.  


  • Specially designed flail pattern to suit row crop configurations
  • Increased efficiency, capacity and quality in all areas of mulching 
  • Improved flail life and balance control
  • Gearbox is mounted in a lower position to increase lifting height while machine is running 
  • Available in 4, 6, 8 and 9 metres
  • Wears balanced
  • 320 hp Gearbox and Bondiolo shafts
  • Extra heavy duty bearings, designed with trouble free replacement
  • Bisalloy wear skins – all replaceable

TTQ can refurbish your mulcher at the TTQ factory, or you can do it yourself as we supply flails, pins, bearings and can advise on repairs or modifications.

Contact TTQ to balance your mulcher using the latest portable balancing equipment.

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Trojan Mulcher Parts