Raptor and MTS Deep Ripper

TTQ Deep Rippers are built tough to last! We challenge you to find another deep ripper with the same capabilities as ours.


TTQs deep rippers are suitable for many different purposes in a wide variety of farming operations.

Customers are using them for a range of different jobs such as:

         Deep ripping new country

      Placing deep fertilizer 

         Pasture renovation

         Repairing previously blade ploughed paddocks

         Preparing cotton fields

         Working before buckets in melon hole country; and

         Sowing grass into pastures


Key Features                            MTS              Raptor            Super Raptor

RHS                                           7X7                8X12            8X12    

Underframe clearance             780mm           950mm        1150 mm


Breakout force (measured at the tip of the point)                                            

Shear Pin                               4.5 tonne          9 tonne               NA

Hydraulic                                 1.8 tonne        3.6 tonne        3.8 tonne

deep ripping

less blockage

Other Features

         All our shanks are cut from 32mm 450 grade hardox. Built to last.

         The way we machine our shanks means they are very adaptable and can use a wide variety of attachments.

         TTQs Semi- parabolic tynes will not turn over soil, providing no down time after ripping and little moisture lost whilst ripping.

         All our ripper frames are made with a 12.5mm wall material. Suitable for the biggest tractors and bulldozers.

         Our spreaders are made of chassis material making them incredibly strong but light and flexible.

The whole ripper frame is bolted together to allow you to set up to any working configuration.

If you are interested in seeing one up close, get in touch and we can let you know where the nearest one to you is.

Heavy duty ripper in action

Posted by TTQ on Monday, February 15, 2016

The new Raptor Ripper in action. TTQ, Lindon Smith

Posted by Tillage Traders Queensland on Thursday, February 25, 2016