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Meet our Directors - Lindon Smith & G Hudson 

Let them tell you what TTQ is all about 

At TTQ, we custom build the strongest, most reliable agricultural equipment made in Australia. 

Whether it is the award winning, market leading, Scorpion Root Cutter; the best-selling Trojan Mulcher, or the beefy Raptor Ripper, we focus on the modern Australian farmers' needs. 

We are constantly innovating and updating our range so even if you think you know what we make, have a look round and see what has changed recently. 

We are always happy to show you around our Toowoomba Factory or our TTQ agents in Goondiwindi and Griffith have samples available for you today.

Scorpion Root Cutters

Trojan Mulchers

Row Crop Equipment

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Special rates are available on finance packages for Scorpion Root Cutters and Trojan Mulchers.
Speak to us or call Ryan at RB Finance on 
0419 582 817. 

You can also find more information at  

09/04 2018

TTQ Founder - Lindon Smith sharing how to effectively manage cotton trash


Find us at Australia's Biggest Ag Shows! 


Our 2018 Farm Fest site

Check out our gallery for images of the equipment we featured! 

We enjoyed our time at Farm Fest this year and encourage you to get in touch if you still have any enquiries regarding buying the machines that were featured, replacement parts or rig renovations! 


Visit us at AGQUIP in Gunnedah, New South Wales. 

Australia's largest field day event takes place annually in August. 

At our site, you'll find a variety of our most popular machinery and equipment such as the Trojan Mulcher, Scorpion Root Cutter, Raptor Ripper, MTS Ripper and a series of unique components and accessories. 

We're keen to talk custom build design options to suit whatever you have in mind. 


To find out how we can help you, call us on 07 4634 0800 or Request a Quote today.

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